Our wide variety of leadership and team programs is designed to ignite inspiration, enhance performance and boost employee morale within your organization. 

Become an Irresistible Job Candidate!

Improve Your Teaching Skillset as a Career Consultant

Negotiation Basics

Authenticity & Personal Brand

Design and Achieve Life & Career Goals

Investor Pitch Preparation and Execution for Entrepreneurs

How to Lead with Positivity

Relaxed Under Pressure

7 Steps of Transformation

Design a High Performance & Well-being Environment

Outstanding People Skills

“The Inner Free” Workshop Series

People Culture Transformation: From Workforce to Joyforce

Team Communication and Presentation Skills

Healthy Relationships at Work

Diagnose and Resolve Problems – Free Flow Session

Effectively Delivering and Embracing Feedback

Non-Monetary Reward System Design


You were born to reach high peaks, live with purpose, nurture fulfilling relationships, lead thriving companies, be free from regrets, create an impact as an entrepreneur, achieve balance and well-being, and thrive and win at life. 

I was born to help you turn these dreams into reality.


Life coaching is a transformative journey that empowers you to unlock your potential, define meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, and cultivate thriving relationships. It enables you to embrace life with confidence, purpose, and fulfilment while achieving balance and well-being.


Career coaching provides strategic guidance and support in your professional growth journey, helping you develop job finding & interview prep skills, identify your strengths, navigate career transitions, and achieve your professional goals. It equips you with the tools and mindset to achieve success and fulfilment in your chosen path.

people skills coaching

People skills coaching enhances your interpersonal effectiveness and social presence, equipping you with the essential skills and insights to build meaningful connections, improve relationships, communicate effectively, and navigate social dynamics with confidence, authenticity, and impact. It empowers you to thrive in both personal and professional spheres.

Client Testimonials

Elvi is a career and life magician! We recently collaborated a few months ago when I was changing jobs. Actually, he helped me even before that – when I needed courage and a wake-up call to leave the comfort zone of my old job and dive into something completely new and unknown. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable in his field, Elvi’s coaching is also exceptionally fun! If you want the brightest and most compassionate person to help you with your life challenges, go for it!

Dr. Katja Pirc

I am immensely grateful for Elvi’s personalised approach and professional work I received in the field of career coaching. Elvi provided me with comprehensive competence analysis and a modular and thorough approach to key steps. I wholeheartedly recommend Elvi’s services to anyone seeking high-quality career guidance. 

Tanja Dimitrova

I had the privilege of working with Elvi recently, and his coaching style left a lasting impression. Elvi’s remarkable kindness and openness created exceptional environment. I was truly amazed by his insightful approach, as he effortlessly translated complex concepts into easily understandable terms. Moreover, his natural ability to help me see things from different perspectives has empowered me to make great progress.

Urim Nuredini

“I am genuinely excited to meet you, understand your unique journey, and explore how I can assist you in reaching higher levels of fulfillment in both your personal journey and the growth of your organization.” 

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