Infuse your whole team with inspiration, wisdom and motivation.

Whether you are organizing an intimate gathering or a large-scale event with an audience of 1000, we are passionate about helping ignite an inspiring, learning, and motivational experience for your team.

How it works

Speaking engagements are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. We will invest the time to comprehend your organization’s goals and challenges, people culture, and team dynamics, ensuring that the engagement is personalized and seamlessly aligned with your vision.

What is included

  • A pre-engagement call and alignment
  • 30-90 minute live session
  • An unlimited number of seats
  • An optional Q&A

Please contact us for pricing.

Standard topics

Depending on your needs, we deliver tailor-made keynote messages on several topics in areas of Life strategy skills, Leadership development and People culture transformation. Our offering of standard topics for speaking engagements is aligned with our offering of programs and workshops, adjusted to your meeting format and intent.

– 7 steps of change toward a high-quality life

– The immense value of your authenticity and personal brand

– How to design life and career goals and achieve them

– Basics of negotiations

– Become an irresistible job candidate

– The art of being relaxed under pressure

– “The inner free” series:

·       The art of living free from stress

·       Free from regrets

·       Free from negativity

·       Free from bad-habits

·       Freely generous

– The power of expressing appreciation

– The art of leading with positivity

– Designing a high-performance and well-being environment

– How to navigate toward people-first culture 

– From workforce to joyforce: People culture transformation

– Mastery of outstanding people skills – how to generate a positive presence

– Team communication and healthy employee relationships

– How to diagnose and resolve problems (can be an interactive session)

– Effectively delivering and embracing feedback (can be an interactive session)

– Design a non-monetary recognition system

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